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Why Finland's medical care?

SuomiHealth invites You to enjoy the world’s highest quality healthcare in Finland which is only 7 hours direct flight away from China. The Finnish healthcare system delivers exceptional results – the worldwide used healthcare quality indicator metrics tell the story.

Finland has

One of the highest cancer survival rates in the world
Newest medicine adapted to medical care
Newest medical technology, e.g. leading pioneer of nuclear medicine in the world

First to adapt new medicines

Forerunner in immuno-oncological treatments, first European center with a certification for oncolytic herpes virus treatments.

At the forefront of utilizing gene profiling in cancer care allowing accurate molecular profiling of the tumor to help finding biological medication alternatives.

Breast cancer five-year survival rate

Source: OECD Stats

Newest medical technology

Unique range of imaging equipment specifically for cancer diagnosis and treatment. CT and MRI scans for anatomic and radiographic imaging, isotopic imaging SPECT-CT & PET-CT for metabolic and functional imaging.

Good utilization of PET-CT requires a great deal of expertise. Kalevi Kairemo, Physician of Molecular Radiotherapy & Nuclear Medicine, is responsible for radionuclide therapy. He is one of the leading pioneers of nuclear medicine in the world.

The cleanest air

The safest country

The least corruption

Our doctors

Kalevi Kairemo
Chief Physician, Molecular Radiotherapy & Nuclear Medicine
M.D., Ph.D., Professor
Specialist in Clinical Chemistry and Nuclear Medicine

Visiting Professor, Department of Nuclear Medicine,
The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, USA
Timo Joensuu
Founder, Chief Physician
Adj. Prof. of Clinical Oncology, Specialist in Medical Oncology and Radiotherapy
Tom Wiklund
Chief Clinical Director
M.D, Ph.D.
Adj. Prof. Medical Oncology and Radiotherapy, Specialist in Medical Oncology and Radiotherapy

SuomiHealth offers top cancer care in the world at best medical clinics in the Nordics.

We offer the entire carepath.
You can also choose parts of the care path you need, for example only chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Accommodation, flights and tourism

SuomiHealth offers different accommodation possibilities at our partnering hotels and apartments. Flights are direct flights from China to Helsinki. The customer has several options for tourism in Finland. Examples include sightseeing, shopping for Finnish design in Helsinki and seeing the archipelago. If you come in the summer, visiting the Finnish countryside, beautiful lakes and forests, pick wild blueberries and experience the midnight sun. If you come in the winter, you can try skiing, visit Santa Claus’ village in Lapland, and see the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights).
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